Worship ministry for May

Looking ahead: Sunday Lectionary Readings for May 31st.

Other Weekly Activities

Sunday - 7:00 PM - Deacon's Bible Study - at the Mills' home

Tuesday - 11:00 AM - Adult Class in the Admin Bldg."1 Corinthians".

Wednesday - 6:30 PM - EYC Youth Ministry in the Parish Hall Youth Room

Wednesday - 7:00 PM - Choir Practice in the Admin Bldg.

The Season of Easter

Contrary to what many people think, Easter is not a single day. It is actually a season that begins on Easter Sunday and continues for seven full weeks. This even-week cycle is known historically as the Great Fifty Days or the Week of Weeks. During this time, the church celebrates the Lord’s resurrection, His appearances to the disciples after Easter, His post-resurrection teachings, His ascension into heaven, and the disciples’ eager anticipation of the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Ascension Day, the 40th of the Great Fifty Days, is frequently commemorated with a special evening worship service since it always falls on a Thursday.


It's almost time for our Annual Anniversary Event!

Come celebrate the Sunday of Pentecost with a combined service on May 24th at 10 AM, followed by an all-church picnic (the main dish is provided, so please bring a side or dessert to share), complete with water activities for the kids, but adults are certainly welcome to join in! This year we'll have a large water slide along with smaller pools & other water activities. If you'd like to help offset the approximately $250 cost, please send a check or drop it in the offering plate on Sunday, notated Pentecost Water Slide. Thanks!

Service Times 

Sunday Worship

7:00a.m. Morning Prayer

8:00a.m. Rite I

9:15a.m. Sunday School

10:30a.m. Rite II

6:00p.m. Evening Prayer

Weekday Services

8:30a.m. Morning Prayer

6:00p.m. Evening Prayer

Healing Service

6:00p.m. Wednesday

Saturday Services

8:30a.m. Morning Prayer

6:00p.m. Evening Prayer

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